Preparing Your Property

Tips for Preparing Your Perth Property for Rent


If you want the best tenants and the best rental return then preparing your Perth property for rental properly is one of the reasons to choose Main Property Managers.

When preparing your property to rent, it’s essential to present it in the best possible manner to attract the right tenant.
Here are some tips we advise and will organise for you to ensure your property is ready to rent:
Clean thoroughly:
A clean property is crucial to attract the right tenant. We use a cleaning checklist to ensure our cleaners don’t miss anything.
Send us an email if you are organising the initial clean yourself before handing over to us, or simple get us to organise it all.
Repair and maintain:
You’ll want to fix any damage or issues, including
  • leaks,
  • electrical or plumbing problems,
  • and ensure all appliances are in good working condition.
We have reliable and cost efficient trades on call so you don’t have to do the run around and we can organise repairs
Update where necessary:
Consider updating the
  • paint,
  • carpeting, and
  • window coverings where necessary to give your property a fresh look.
We’ll advise when we think these aspects are are starting to pull down your rental value and give you some numbers so you can calculate your payback time.
Plus we also know value for money painters and carpeting companies to get quotes from when the time arrives.
Remove any unnecessary items or clutter, which can make the property appear smaller and less inviting.
Ensure the property’s exterior is well-maintained and presentable, including the yard, garden, and any outdoor areas.
By checking off the above concerns, your property is ready to rent at a good premium and will attract the right tenant who will look after your property and live their with pride.  
So if you have been having challenges with your previous property management service, then give us a call to discuss your concerns and find out why both our landlords and tennants love what we do.

Get Help from Our Expert Team

Our expert and experienced property management team is invested in helping you achieve your goals of a well run investment property with as low maintenance costs, management costs and vacancy rates possible, combined with the highest rental returns achievable.  Talk to the team that will look after your property properly. 

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